Full of purple earthy goodness

Okay. Name the first two flavours of fruit juice which come into your mind.

That’s good. They were apple and orange juice, weren’t they? Obvious, isn’t it? They’re the most popular and the most tasty. This, however, is Westray. I’m in Rendall’s shop and in the fridge this week is, yes, you didn’t guess it: Beetroot juice! “Full of purple earthy goodness and the sweetness of pressed apples, all natural refreshment for life, mind and body.” That sounds good, except this Beetroot Juice is 90% beetroot. There’s precious evidence of “The sweetness of pressed apples,” either.
It’s too intense for me so I have to mix it with the juice I already have in the fridge. That’s the juice I bought last week. “Apple?” you think? “Orange maybe?” No, this is Westray; rhubarb, obviously!


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