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September 2012

Noltland Panorama

Noltland Panorama

Noltland Castle is a wonderful castle with panoramic views of Pierowall and its bay. Here’s a 360 panorama taken with a Spinner …

Chamois leather

Mice nibble… #6

Shammy leather.

Thanks to the mice my car windows will remain dirty – they’ve eaten my chamois leather. I wasn’t going to clean the windows anyway, but now at least I’ve got an excuse.

Ear Defenders

Mice nibble… #5

Ear defenders.

What will defend my ears now that the mice have got at them? What will defend me from the mice eating everything I own?

Draught Excluder

Mice nibble… #4

Draught Excluder. Surely that’s a little self defeating of my mice? I’m not going to be able to make the house a little less breezy for them now.

Inner Tubes

Mice nibble… #3

Bicycle Innertubes. I should have known by the names of the other houses. Musland is my nearest neighbour. That’s Mouseland to the …


Mice nibble… #2

Slippers Just when I was thinking I’d like to get my cold feet into some snug slippers in this Orkney Summer I …


Mice nibble… #1

Airbeds The house is damp and full of mice in the winter so a traditional mattress isn’t an option for two reasons: …