It’s fast, it squeals and it’s unbearably cute

Piglets are such tricky blighters to photograph; even when you hold them they wriggle. Here’s Malc with one of Molly’s litter. All together now, “Ahhhhh.”

Westray Pork on sale at Inverness Farmers’ Market on September 3. Orders now being taken for whole and half pigs and freezer packs – call Malcolm on 01857 677577

It's fast, it squeals and it's unbearably cute

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Nine and a half pigs

Nine and a half pigs

A quick trip down the road to see Mr Pig today where Molly has produced 10 piglets, or nine and a half if ... Read more

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Malc tends to the pigs

Under the weather

With this kind of treatment, Malcolm's Steenyha' pigs will never be under the weather, whether it rains or shines.

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