Stoneware Goblets, Punctures, Oatcakes and Missed Otters

Another day, another cycling trip to the shops. Having no fridge means buying fresh and [[Westray]] is full of fresh produce. This time though it’s chance for a detour to the Westray Potter, Martin Terrell. As the Westray and Papa Westray Tourist Association say, “Worth going that little bit further for.” Martin produces hand made pottery to his original designs and glazes and I’m asking him if he’ll do a commission for me and make a dozen drinking goblets. Thankfully he accepts, and I look forward to seeing the thrown goblets in biscuit form, without the glaze, soon.

Back outside, a puncture is a minor distraction which is put into perspective by the major distraction of a text telling me the family have seen an otter close by on the beach in the Bay of Swartmill. It’s a rare site and one I’m sad to have missed.

Off to the shops for oatcakes, Orkney crab terrine, houmous and pitta and local carrots for lunch. A small but pleasant consolation.

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