Slugs and Fine China

Slugs and Fine China

When you move to an abandoned house there are always inhabitants who need to be evicted. Some are simply guests. Some are unwanted relatives and others are fierce squatters. Woodlice in the lamp shades. Spiders in the bath. Mice in the understairs cupboard. Birds in the hall. Wonderful primitive bristletails on the windowsills. In this menagerie here at Einar there are a few too many slugs in the kitchen for my personal comfort. Naturally they come to visit at night, creeping up on us unawares. This morning I found this one just reaching the kitchen work surface.

When living like this it’s important to glam it up a bit. We’re dining on fine white china and drinking from beautiful lead crystal glasses. It’s like being at a music festival and wearing your best frock in the mud and the rain. It’s just got to be done. Slugs or no slugs.

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