Moving to Orkney

It’s sunny this afternoon, so it’s out into the garden to catch a rare photograph of the back of Einar in the sunshine.

The Hall of Einar

When I first had the idea of spending time in Orkney one of the best and most honest sites I found was Moving to Orkney. It’s maintained by someone who moved to live on [[Westray]] so it’s very relevant.

Here’s an extract to show you the style:

We love it here; although even in the short time that we have been here we have seen people come and then go again. We have lots of family and friends that come to stay and they all love it, but after a couple of weeks quite a few of them say they “love it here, but wouldn’t want to live here”

Would you?

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A Useful Range of Outbuildings

A useful range of outbuildings

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Bike. Beach. Breathtaking.

Bike. Beach. Breathtaking.

Let me never be immune to the spell this Island casts.

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