Mobile Madness


A month away with no cooker, fridge or washing machine is fine for the three of them. But a month without a games console? That’s difficult. A month without broadband, with a shared laptop at dial-up speeds. That’s more of a problem. But then a month without a proper mobile phone signal? That’s child abuse.

I’ve been reading the excellent Westray Flagstone (Guide to the Geology of an Island) recently and in there is an excellent guide to Westray’s beaches. It details the seventeen beaches on the Island and shows what percentage of the sand on each beach is shell sand and which is quartz sand from eroded flagstone. My son Gabriel is fifteen. He’s done a similar analysis of Westray’s beaches. However his analysis is arranged in order of signal strength (in number of bars) and Internet connection speed (in Kb/s download speed).

Research skills to be proud of.

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