There’s just time to pop into a shop on [[Westray]] before it closes for lunch. “It’s not a very fine day today is it?” is the greeting awaiting me as I enter through one of the two doors on the storm porch (one for each wind direction – if the wind was strong I wouldn’t be able to get in one of them). I agree wholeheartedly and browse. Immediately a Westrayman comes in the door behind me. He’s a university student but back for the summer in his blue overalls helping out on the farm. “It’s a bit dreek today isn’t it?” is the greeting which awaits him.

Dreek indeed.

Urban Dictionary: dreek
It means bad weather. The kind of weather which makes you miserable: dull, grey and wet. If it rains hard and water runs down your neck it’s dreek.

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Ripples in the sands

Ripples in the sands

Wind blows the sands into ripples and threatens to engulf the vegetation.

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